As a One-Stop development team, we work well together to provide a market analysis that is comprehensive.

Market Study

We start with an in-depth market analysis to determine whether the property is feasible given current and future market conditions. Cornerstone Hospitality (CSH) advises early in this process whether a continued full study should be performed. If the overall feeling is that a hotel property could not perform well, they advise the developer and a decision is made regarding how to proceed. Should the initial findings be positive, at that point, CSH advises the development team regarding concept, size, room count, service offerings and amenities including restaurant and meeting space.


Once advised as to the requirements suggested by CSH, Hal Craddock of Craddock Cunningham Architectural Partners (CCAP), begins to design conceptual drawings of the property. If the property is an adaptive reuse property seeking the use of Historic Tax Credits, he will review the guidelines so that his concept meets the required standards. Hal has vast experience in repurposing historic structures and is highly creative in his adaptive use of the space. No hotel is the same in his designs. All are unique to the property, the area and in insuring the best distinctive experience for the consumer. Should the hotel be a ground up boutique construction project, we have several already designed conceptual options or we can create a completely new concept.


MB Contractors work alongside of CCAP in evaluating the buildings and/or raw land. A complete evaluation of the structure along with construction documents, anticipated construction costs and engineering area all a part of our comprehensive study.

When completed, a developer will have everything they need to move forward with their hotel development. And, if we are presented a project as a development that Creative Boutique Hotels would like to either develop or develop with partners, we already have all the information we need to get the project moving.

Developers may use all or part of the above process as a part of their development project. Additionally, developers may choose to use all or part of the CBH development team.

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